Assist Curaçao to become a prosperous and attractive country with motivated and well-educated people living in harmony with each other by influencing well-researched, data-driven, mutually-agreed-to decisions and governance.


Integrity, Empathy, Intellectual Modesty, Mutual Respect, Commitment, Sincerity, Excellence, Independence. 


The Think To DO Institute exists to mobilize expertise and ideas to influence the policy making process on the Island of Curaçao.  The four essential elements of the work that is done by the Institute are: good Ideas based in evidence, a coalition of actors to support those ideas, the institutional capacity (including resources) to nurture and shepherd those ideas in a dynamic context, ability to seize the moment when the time is right.


The underlying work thread is to push change. By networking with a selective network of think tanks around the world, the Institute focuses on essential good ideas, best practice, and key policies that can offer solutions at the local, regional and global levels.

Through its comparative research and varied bench of researchers, the Institute:

  • Assists policy makers to develop effective responses to key issues,
  • Plays a constructive role in negotiating change through evidence-based assessments,
  • Generates effective recommendations and solutions,
  • Assist the change process by offering strategies to “leap frog” to proven policy, processes and results from other societies that propel societal change.