As part its role of informer and educator, the Institute will host a series of events known as the “Think to DO Speaker Series” where the community will be invited to listen to and dialogue with powerful global voices invited to talk about best practices related to the research topics that the Institute is thinking about. Due to the Covid19 Pandemic, this week long, interactive experience was paused and will reactivate when it is safe to do so.

The follow up to the effect of Brexit on Social and Economic matters within the Caribbean continue as follow-up to the Brexit Discussion. The post-Brexit effect provides lessons for the parts of the Caribbean that still has ties to the continents in North America and the European Union. Follow-up workshops will continue.

Oil and Gas discussions are relevant into 2021 as the End of the Oil Economies looms large and as Guyana, Trinidad and Venezuela strategize about the oil in the basin off their shores. The global emissions limits and the court cases effecting Oil Company responsibilities for years of pollution effect the future of this industry on small Caribbean economies. Follow-up workshops and research will continue.

October 22nd – Brexit Beyond Its Borders: How Does it Affect the Caribbean

Dr. Peter Clegg, Associate Professor in Politics and International Relations, University of the West of England

The Think To DO Institute celebrates its one-year anniversary with the launch of its Speaker Series. Dr. Peter Clegg will present a lecture about Brexit and its effects beyond the borders of the United Kingdom and the European Union to the community on October 22 at 19:00 at the World Trade Center Auditorium.  As the Think To DO Institute researches governance structures for small island nations and the external stressors that will mold the future of small island governance, the impact of Brexit on the regional structures of the Caribbean are relevant.

This presentation considers the reasons for Brexit and how it has put at risk the UK’s credibility as a functioning democratic state. It evaluates the broader implications of Brexit for the Caribbean, by focusing on the non-independent territories and independent states of the region, and some key issues in regard to regional integration, good governance, human rights, and the future (separate) roles of the UK and the EU.

The decision of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union in June 2016 has fractured and laid bare the vulnerabilities within the British political and constitutional system. It has tested to almost breaking point the international image of the UK as a country that is governed in a stable, transparent, and effective way. The process of Brexit, even though not yet complete, has illustrated clearly the complex bonds that tie together the UK and the EU. It has also shown how the EU is so important in the UK’s relations with other parts of the world, including the Caribbean.

The community of Curacao is welcome to this free lecture.   In conjunction with the lecture, the Think To DO Institute will host several focus groups and a workshop for the Think To DO Institute thinkers with Dr. Clegg.

Dec 7th – Oil and Gas Public Policy Talk

Dhanraj Singh, founder and executive director of the Guyana Budget and Policy Institute.

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Sustainable Economies of Pragmatism

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