The Think To DO Institute follows the best practices of global think tanks regarding topic selections.

The topics studied are determined based on global trends, economic conditions, regional issues and developments, and their intersection with local priorities. As important as the topics are the documenting of the tools and processes that teach people why the data matters, and how it influences a cultural shift away from emotional decision-making, and toward data-driven decision-making and global mindset development. This process is used to determine each research to be executed by the institute and will be determined by the Board of Directors.

Because of the scale of the island and the limited access to local expertise and research structures, the Think to DO Institute structures its research teams with both local and international researchers representing other globally recognized think tanks and research processes. Each team is formed in such a way as to have balance and independence from local, regional or global political or private sector influence. The institute employs a variety of metrics to assess the institute’s contributions to the policymaking environment and civil society.

Before, during and after each research, an analysis is done based on: the description of the research, an estimate of the benefit, and estimate of the cost and an estimate of our institute’s contribution to the benefit.