Experts and Visiting Scholars provide independent, impactful scholarship and analysis to the topics studied by the research workgroups. Through the fellowships, experts and visiting scholars programs, Think to DO Institute strives to host diverse cohort workgroups who bring a variety of perspectives and experiences, ranging across different ideologies, professional sectors, and geographic areas.  Fellows, experts and scholars may lead discussion seminars, host focus groups, conduct research.  The Institute experience enables Fellows to form new relationships and gain fresh insights so that they can return to their jobs with enhanced perspective and energy. Experts and Scholars share that interacting with new people investigating the same topics in different cultures enhances their personal commitment to their expertise.

Experts and Scholars are selected by invitation through recommendation.

Our Fellows Program is selective, and criteria include the applicant’s background, research interests, communication skills and thinker profile.  Fellows are chosen via our online application process and through targeted recruitment.