By hosting events, the Institute strengthens its communication and its core belief that we create a resilient society by stakeholder involvement.   The Institute hosts various types of events in order to inform, educate, collaborate with and get feedback from the community-at-large.

Recent Events

Global Think Tank Launches from Curaçao

The first independent global think tank in the western Caribbean was launched October 11, 2018 in Curaçao. The Think To DO Institute is an independent, virtual think tank based in Curaçao and created through a unique network of global think tanks across the world that will focus on best practices around the central ideas of “resilient societies” and “the 4th Industrial Revolution”.

Bastiaan Kooyman, who is the founding board member of the unique global think tank, shared,  “What an honor to be part of this great initiative now called the Think to DO Institute. I have been very concerned over the years about the development of our country Curaçao, and am now exited to be part of this project.

Progress is not only reserved for the fortunate ones in our community.  We, as leaders, have to take it upon ourselves to see to it that the community as a whole benefits and shares in a good quality life. To do this we need change. Great people were successful in being different. Not so by reinventing the wheel but by opening new horizons and as a result the eyes of our nation.  We must stop talking and talking, find the best successes in the world, and see how we can adapt and adopt those practices, thinking differently and doing differently.”

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Upcoming Events


Think to DO Skills Conditioning Program

  • Oct 1 Gen-irators session
  • Oct 5 Think Tank session
  • Oct 8 Gen-irators session
    • Workgroup session
  • October 15 Radulphus Gen-irators session
  • October 19 Workgroup session
  • October 24 Thinker work session with Dr. Clegg
  • October 25 Reception for Think Tank and Dr. Clegg
  • October 26 Workshop with Dr. Clegg
  • October 29 Follow-up with Radulphus Gen-irators

Fill the Tank

  • October 15 Gen-irator Recruit

Speaker Series

  • October 22 Dr. Peter Clegg, “Brexit and the Caribbean:  Why and What Next”